Chef Philipope Parola's Silverfin™ Fish Cakes

Silverfin™ Group

Silverfin™ Group is the manufacturer and vendor for Silverfin™ Fish Cakes. Silverfin™, aka Asian Carp, is the first ever invasive species processed as a value-added food product and nationally distributed into institutional food marketplaces for human consumption. This wild-caught fish product not only tastes great but also helps preserve the environment!

Chef Philippe Parola's Eat the Problem!

Eat the Problem!

The dangerous jumping Asian carp are a tremendous threat to the waterways of America - a threat to watersports enthusiasts who risk injury, a threat to commercial and recreational fisheries as native species are pushed out, and a threat  to America's aquatic ecosystems as a whole. Chef Philippe Parola's solution?

Chef Pilippe Parola's Can't Beat 'Em Eat 'Em Invasive Species Information Website

Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em

Most people know about the invasive Asian carp. What about the HImalayan Blackberry? or the invasive Snow Goose? or the Kudzu Vine that takes over everywhere it grows? Learn about these and other invasive species at Chef Philippe Parola's "Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em" website incuding details about these invasive plants and animals as well as some pretty interesting recipes,

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